Social events

EUCOP Ice breaker

The EUCOP ice breaking party will start on Sunday at 18 h at the Casino Ceretà, where we will all meet and go to the Lake of Puigcerdà ( The event will start with a short visit of the town led by the historian Jordi Palomino. Later, next to the lake we will have a show of castellers, which are human towers erected by men and women of various ages built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia. Finally, we will finish the day with a catering service to welcome participants at the 6th European Conference on Permafrost.



At walking-distance from the city centre, Nordic (restaurant & disco; will host the closing ceremony. The registration fee includes the banquet of Thursday night, so that all participants can share the last night of the conference. Senior and young researchers can discuss about future research activities while having a traditional dinner of the Cerdanya cuisine. For those wanting to dance, Nordic will close at 5 AM.

Round table