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Session 1: Modeling of permafrost-climate feedbacks in future scenarios
Conveners: Norman Steinert, Sarah Chadburn, Philipp de Vrese, David Wårlind

Session 2: Education & Outreach:  Cartoons, Communities, and Cooperation
Conveners: Anna E. Klene, Xiangbing Kong, Ylva Sjöberg

Session 3: Permafrost land-ocean interactions: fluxes, transport processes and degradation pathways
Conveners: Michael Fritz, Lisa Bröder, Jorien Vonk

Session 4: Structure and function of freshwater ecosystems on lowland permafrost landscapes
Conveners: Ada Pastor, Cecilie M. Holmboe, Tenna Riis

Session 5: Water in Mountain Permafrost Environments
Conveners: Cassandra Koenig, Stefano Brighenti, Masaki Hayashi, Nicola Colombo, Monica Tolotti

Session 6: Advances in the observation and simulation of the snowpack: Implications and applications for permafrost monitoring
Conveners: Jesús Revuelto, Esteban Alonso González, Ixeia Vidaller, Franziska Koch

Session 7: Recent advances in modelling permafrost dynamics, interactions, and feedbacks across scales
Conveners: Jan Nitzbon, Simone Stünzi, Léo C. P. Martin, Sarah Chadburn

Session 8: Monitoring of electrical and electromagnetic properties in frozen ground (including the IPA Action Group IDGSP)
Conveners: Mohammad Farzamian, Christin Hilbich, Theresa Maierhofer, Riccardo Scandroglio, Sebastian Uhlemann

Session 9: Remote sensing of Disturbances in Permafrost Regions
Conveners: Alexandra Runge, Mark J. Lara, Anna Liljedahl

Session 10: Steep rock slope permafrost processes and hazards
Conveners: Kaytan Kelkar, Florence Magnin, Bernd Etzelmuller

Session 11: Emerging geophysical methods for permafrost investigations
Conveners: Adrián Flores-Orozco, Coline Mollaret, Jonas Limbrock, Christian Hauck

Session 12: Periglacial and paraglacial environments in Antarctica
Conveners: Filip Hrbacek, Marc Oliva, Mauro Guglielmin, Christel Hansen

Session 13: Permafrost and Society: how do changes in permafrost systems interact with social and cultural dynamics, economies, industries, and food systems
Conveners: Melissa Ward Jones, Joachim Otto Habeck, Justine Ramage

Session 14: Open session on rock glaciers
Conveners: Cécile Pellet, Line Rouyet, Yan Hu

Session 15: Drained Lake Basins in lowland permafrost regions
Conveners: Helena Bergstedt, Louise Farquharson, Guido Grosse

Session 16: Processes in cold rocky landforms
Conveners: Dominik Amschwand, Tamara Mathys, Julie Wee, Răzvan Popescu

Session 17: Biodiversity and biogeochemistry of permafrost ecosystems and global change
Conveners: Oriol Grau, Olga Margalef, Sergi Pla-Rabés, Nicolás Valiente

Session 18: Studying past environments to understand current permafrost dynamics
Conveners: Sergi Pla-Rabés, Santiago Giralt, Dermot Antoniades, Julia Gracia-Oteyza, Olga Margalef

Session 19: Carbon stocks, soil properties, greenhouse gas fluxes and atmospheric feedbacks of permafrost regions
Conveners: Matthias Siewert, Gustaf Hugelius, Claire Treat

Session 20: Characteristic Upland Periglacial Landscapes: Reality or “Geomorphic Chimera”?
Conveners: Kelsey E. Nyland, Raven J. Mitchell, Frederick E. Nelson

Session 21: Periglacial geomorphology
Conveners: Marc Oliva, Gonçalo Vieira, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Line Rouyet

Session 22: Polar Coastal and subsea environments in Transition: Arctic – Antarctic perspectives
Conveners: Matt C. Strzelecki, Frederieke Miesner, Mette Bendixen, Michael Angelopoulos

Session 23: Permafrost Engineering: risk assessment and adaptation challenges
Conveners: Guy Dore, Kevin Bjella

Session 24: Permafrost temperature changes and active layer dynamics: from local observations to global assessments of the permafrost system
Conveners: Dimitry Streletskiy, Jeannette Noetzli, Philippe Schoeneich, Anna Irrgang